ATHLECIA Nagar W Seamless Tights

3.493 kr.-30%

ATHLECIA – Saumlausar buxur með góðu aðhaldi. Með háum steng í mittið og hafa góða öndun.

Grey = Brúnn litur.

If you are searching for great tights, we recommend you check out Nagar W Seamless Tights from Athlecia. They are suitable for women and a perfect choice for fitness. Optically, they present themselves with a chich knitting pattern. Thanks to the elastic waistband, the closure is very easy. The tights are made of nylon, elastane and polyester.

Additional benefits:

• Seamless

• Sustainable Initiative

• Compression

Efni: 83% nylon, 16% elastane, 1% polyester

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